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Street children in Bangladesh & Pakistan

We have rescued over 1,000 children from the streets of Bangladesh and reunited over 200 with their families. These children have been abandoned by their parents or have been trafficked into the most unspeakable situations including bonded labor and the sex trade.

 The project also works with vulnerable children who have no choice but to work in hazardous conditions in back alley factories and rubbish dumps. Our project rescues these children with an aim to send them to mainstream schools and education.

 Children of War – Syrian Children

Children as young as 5-6 have been exposed to the horrors of war, death, and destruction. They have sometimes lost all family members and traveled from Syria to Lebanon with strangers.

 These children are supported through our orphan sponsorship program which supports their education, clothing, shelter and food. We have also included

psychosocial support as part of their treatment and rehabilitation from the deep trauma they have suffered during the war.